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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 8, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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banana republic in terms of government. >> let's give credit whe credit is due. 61 billion dollars in cuts with republicans in congress leading a previously of obama health care, that party is taking on big issues. you are right -- >> >> sean: good to see all of you, thank you. let not your heart be troubled, greta and jimmy mcmillan on the record, next. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: uh-oh he did it again. charlie sheen on a rapid downward spiral. new video and all we can say is awkward. >> there is more. the sitcom star is gearing up for court. he says he can take down warner brothers. our legal panel is here to go on the record. >> but first, remember acorn? james o'keefe took them down. could npr be his next target.
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he stripped acorn of its funding in a secretly recorded video. in a video just released, journalists posing as muslims met with two top executives of npr. shill caught on camera saying this about the tea party -- schiller is caught on camera saying this about the tea party. [ inaudible ]
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>> greta: npr responded by saying we are appalled by the comments made byron shiller in the video which are contrary to what npr stands for. mr. shill area announced he's leaving npr for another job. mr. schiller said this. >> greta: is npr washing its hands clean withç schiller's departure. joining us byron york. now what? >> this is going to have a lot of political repercussions. the thing that made the biggest impression with republicans on capitol hill was not what he said there. it is what he said about federal funding for npr. he said, on camera, in the long run, npr would be better off without federal funding. the republicans who are trying
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to defund npr are now going to be saying, look one of your top executives said, you would be better off with federal funding. it is going to make a big effect in the battle. >> greta: in his statement he also says that the statements he made are not reflective of my own beliefs. well hose were they? -- well whose were they? the guy -- there is something wrong. >> they believe he was at this meeting. he didn't know who he was talking to. it was a fraudulently set-up meeting, no doubt about that. but he was speaking on behalf of npr. he was saying, if federal funds were cut off for npr, npr would definitely survive, most of its station was survive and would ultimately be better off that is a huge, huge endorsement for what republicans are trying to do. >> greta: i should note that
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ron schiller who is now out of npr, he is no relation to vivian schiller the one we heard so much of when juan williams got the boot. >> actually -- one of the things we learned in the longer video that james o'keefe released, the raw video, after the juan williams controversy in which npr fired juan for comments that he made about muslims, on fox, the ceo of npr invited a group of conservative republicans to dinner to find out what they really thought about npr. she found out a number said they listened to it. what they concluded from that was what npr concluded. if you listen then you must support taxpayer funding. they miscalculated if you talk to the republicans who are trying to defund npr, they say we are not trying to kill npr. we know that they get a lot of money from corporations, foundations, individuals.
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they will survive and do just fine. we just think it shouldn't have taxpayer funding. >> greta: the republicans will now use this effectively to defund any money that the federal taxpayers money if write a member of the tea party movement i would be madder than hell that my money was going to an organization that thought i was a white gun-toting racist, horrible insults. the people in the tea party movement, i imagine they are really jazzed up about in. >> you will never convince conservative republicans that is not a widely held opinion inside npr. vivian schiller the ceo said those comments did not reflect the thinking of npr. conservative republicans probably don't believe her on that. the tea party people who were dered in these comments are going to -- who were slanders in these comments are going to be angrier than ever. >> greta: npr was created when we didn't have 80 billion news
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outlets. the last thing i would be insult something anybody who is buttering my bread. >> first of all, they are saying they don't believe any media should have direct government subsidy. >> greta: any more. >> and the second thing is, there are so many more choices now there. is the internet. there are hundreds of channels of cable television. there's so many media options for people. the options that public broadcasting supplied we it starred in the 60s, are no longer needed. -- started in the 60s are no longer needed. >> greta: byron thank you. >> in wisconsin an angry mob shuts down a town hall meeting. see what happens as the crowd gets heated. many of union workers yelling shame, shame, shame! two republican leaders walk out.
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>> this meeting will be adjourned! [ booing ] [ shame shame shame ] >> greta: republican state senator was co-hosting the town hall event joins us live from madison. tell me in your own words, what happened? >> well good evening greta. i was as you described a mob. it was a very organized mob that was designed and planned ahead to do two things to disrupt and to intimidate. while they did manage to disrupt, they haven't managed
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to intimidate. it is a shame. people, we wanted to hear what people had to say. i wanted to people to hear what i had to say. expressing my views why i'm supporting forever walker and his plan. the folks who had been organized to be there, wanted nothing to do with hearing what i had to say. time and time again, as i tried to speak, they talked over me. she shouted. it was rather discouraging and at times very disrespectful. >> greta: where was it? i take it this was not in madison. was this in your home district? >> my home district, also home to our governor. which is another reason why i believe the attempt was to really make a showing in governor walker's hometown. i was a town hall meeting that congressman brenner as done time and time again in all parts of his district over 100
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every year in the three years he's been in office he has never had to shut one down. >> greta: why was congressman sense brenner -- sensenbrenner involved in this? >> he wholes the town hall meeting as a congressman -- he holds the town mall meeting as a congressman but always invites the state senator and rep in case there were state issues pressing in this case there were clearly state issues. it was unfortunate. here you have a situation where we are trying to talk to folks, hear what people's concerns were. many who were there who did not get a chance to speak, because the meeting was called to a close after 30 minutes. it was a situation that i have never seen before.
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as i said before, it was very organized. we do know that they had planned in advance. we received e-mails that they planned on just being there and making a loud noise and presence and completely disrupting the process of the people. unlike the 14 senators who have left the state, i believe in doing the work of the people, being there listening to what they have to say. trying to answer their questions and clearly we were not able to do that. >> greta: 30 seconds left. i need a quick answer. any information that the 14 senators are thinking about returning to the state? >> no. we have not heard anything as of late. we are certainly hopeful they will come back. again, the whole issue of collective bargaining rights was highlighted by what happened here. by this intimidation done by the mob in this room. clearly it is emblemmatic what the people in our local communities and school boards are recognizing and realizing as they go through the
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collective bargaining process and makes the case why we need collective bargaining reform. >> greta: senator, thank you. we'll be watching this story. >> straight ahead, if you think the stays are going wild, are you watching -- if you think states are going wild are you watching what is going on with our national budget? the deadline is fast approach . congressman ryan of wisconsin is here. get ready for a volt. new video of charlie sheen. you have to see it for yourself, coming up. >> there is great news, our legal panel is back ted, bernie and gloria, they are all here. >> this is an odd comparison, rush limbaugh compares charlie sheen to president obama. rush will tell what he sees in bottle of them, straight ahead. -- sees in both of them, straight ahead.
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[ male announcer ] visit and put a confident retirement more within reach. >> greta: let's face it, we're broke. and we are in trouble. ask president obama's co-chair the bipartisan debt commission both will tell you we are broke. one pointed out the united states is messed up, so messed up by treaty we've greed to protect taiwan from invasion by the chinese, but we have to borrow the money from the chinese to be able to protect taiwan. go figure, right? >> we've -- we run out of money march 18th, so what can we do?
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congressman ryan joins us. republicans want to cut the budget in year by 61 billion dollars a lot of money. >> out of a -- [ unintelligible ] >> what we are trying to do is prevent the huge spending gains that were gotten over the last two years from going forward. the president increased government agency budgets by 24% domestic over the last two years. with the stimulus about 84%. he's trying to lock in spending increases going for . we don't want to do that we are trying to cut spending now to get them back to 2008 levels. >> greta: the 61 billion brings it back to 2008? i still don't get what it is going to do for us. >> going through the rest of this fiscal year we want a down payment on spending cuts going forward in october with
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more spending reforms and cuts. we don't want to accept the baseline of this massive spending increase. we want a down payment on spending if the president succeeds freezing spending at these high levels another trillion of more money to government agencys to diskrerbgary domestic government agency, double, triple din jilts. epa a 124% -- increase over the past two years. he's trying to lock those in and go forward. >> greta: march 18th, continuing resolution deadline do you think we'll have another? >> probably. >> greta: senator reid was quoteed as i'm opposed to more short term budget proposals. >> the president himself suggested doing another one. >> greta: what does that mean? >> four weeks and eight billion dollars in savings in
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cuts, we four billion in two weeks the president suggesting he's going another two. senator reid and the president don't seem to be on the same page. our cuts are prorated for our savings. >> greta: you have power points one has your guiding principles if i may jump ahead and use yours. guiding principles for reform no changes to those in or near retirement. fulfill health and retirement security. lift crushing burden of debt. spur economic growth and path to prosper i don't see get rid of fraud and waste. 9% of medicare is fraud or waste. >> those are the details we will get into when we do our budget in april. we have guiding principles in our budget when reforming entitlement programs the divers of our debt crisis we
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have to make sure people in and near retirement are protected. we can do that if we reform the programs soon. if we keep kicking the can down the road as the presays proposing with his budget, if we keep postponing reforms everybody is going to get hurt. we are sailing no, fulfill the mission for all -- we are saying, no, fulfill the mission for all. get a plan to payoff the debt. >> i know i've a lot of charts. we've had debt in the past like in world war ii our debt was large as the entire economy. right now our debt is going to catastrophic levels. if you want to learn more go to my website prosperity this debt is getting out of control. by the time my kids are my age, the debt will crash the economy. they will have twice as much
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debt as all americans have in income. we can't have a future like that we know if we stay on the bag we are, -- >> greta: is that his proposal? that is the -- >> this is what cbo says we are going to have under the path he has lay. granted the president inherited a tough fiscal situation, the problem is he hasn't done anything to fix it. we are not going to drop our responsibilities. we are going to propose a budget that fixes this budget that gets the debt under control. that debts this deficit under control and put a budget out there to make sure these programs can be counted on and we can get this economy growing. >> greta: i have to cut you off there. congressman, nice to see you, thank you. >> first wisconsin s ohio next? we go to ohio for the inside story. >> you have never seen charlie
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>> greta: new legislative proposals are on the table guess who won't like this? union members, sound familiar?"q protesters converging at the ohio state capitol. griff jenkins is on the ground in ohio. >> reporter: governor kasich delivered his first state of the state address with a few thousand protesters on its capitol steps. they are upset about legislation that would restrict the k rights of more than 350,000 public public employees, -- firefighters and teachers. the difference between this bill aoerpbs in states like wisconsin is the bill -- the bill would bar public employ frist striking. they turned out in full force to have their voices heard. >> what i love about ohio is that we work our problems out! we come together and we face
10:24 pm
our tough times together! we always find a way through. that is what collective bargaining is! >> we democrats are strongly opposed to what is happening to working people in the state. it is not organized labor it is working people. wall street has been bailed out by the federal government mean by this governor. who worked for lehman brothers and then bankrupted it and then had nerve to say he wants to balance the budget on the backs of working people. we are sticking up for teachers, firefighters and police officers. they are the ones that built this country and this state and they are the backbone of this wonderful state of ours. we are standing up, we believe strongly in what they are doing. every one of democrats will be stage with them today and truth the hearing as we go to a vote probably this week. >> reporter: the sign says
10:25 pm
thank you governor kasich. you are the minority, a lot of folks are upset because they believe this is political. you have a different opinion? >> this is not about politics this is about the money. this is about the fact that the state is looking at an eight billion dollar deficit. this is one of the first bills that needs to be passed to help cut spending in the state of ohio and bring our budget back to a balance. >> reporter: the protests out there today largely pro-union folks, firefighters, teachers they believe this is about politics. they are not buying it is essential to balancing the budget. do you see things differently? >> let me say the ohio board of education last year sought to find out where would the school districts across the state be if nothing is done? the finding, based upon data from each of the 611 school districts says we would have
10:26 pm
96% of the schools' money going to salaries. that's the end of that. >> reporter: you believe this bill wouldç be a god thing for ohio and with a republican majority, you are likely to possibly pass this? >> i think there is every chance we will pass it. i think it is a good thing for the state of ohio in the long term. we, as a state, have lost jobs dramatic numbers of people, 600,000 job in the last decade. we don't even have enough people paying taxes to keep this level of subsidy going to all of the different departments. i don't think they understand. i think they are being misled by their leadership in a way this is -- to the long term interests of the state and those being misled. >> greta: straight ahead, charlie sheen's new video. sheen takes a swig of his mystery drink and the ran that
10:27 pm
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delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. naturals from purina cat chow. share a better life. >> greta: is it an act or meltdown? charlie sheen is grabbing all the headlines. he's back on sheen's corner, streaming on the internet. you are about to see two bizarre new videos. in the first looking thin and pale. talking to a man on speaker phone. >> what is not to love, it is my life! winning! infomercial for my poetry book a piece of my mind. now everybody is 20 years in the past, behind my book catching up saying my gosh where was all this brilliance? i'm saying it was right there. you had the poetry at your
10:31 pm
fingertips the entire time. but you didn't go there because you judge me, condemned me, discarded me, not any more, winning! i did say early on that this is being recorded because people need to hear my goal as it rolls out, not disappearing like magician's rabbits. we are still getting jipped. >> have you had your breakfast yet? >> no, i'm smoking a cigarette and drinking something i won reveal, unless they pay me. >> okay. what can i do for you, anything? >> you can get home and give me a big hug and avoid eye contact. keep in mind any time i roll something out my plan is the best in the room and people are starting to wake up and realize that. that their plan is [ bleep ] and mine is gold. >> greta: now sheen is fired from warner brothers he's
10:32 pm
threatening to sue his former bosses. sheen just appeared again minutes ago reacting to his fans on youstream. >> what occurred was entirely illegal, unconscionable to quote my lawyer really [ bleep ] the decision to choose the enemy is thought of as chaotic and random event fueled by the circumstance of justice that parallel a finite rain of purpose. >> greta: what are his chances of winning? our lyle plan -- legal panel is here. -- ted, what do you think? >> i think he has an excellent chance. he is a crack head, without a doubt. he's self-destructive and all of those things.
10:33 pm
>> greta: what makes you think that? >> everything we've seen about this guy. >> greta: i'm being sarcastic. >> i suspect as much. the question is, did he breach the contract? he entered into a contract with warner brothers in may of 2010. he fulfilled the consider. he wanted to perform. warner brothers stopped him from performing. they sent out an 11-page document, any lawyer who sent this, this document would be something i would enter into evidence against warners brothers. >> greta: his behavior is bizarre, ted says he's a crack head, he could be the greatest actor, i don't know what is going on with the man. you read the letter from the lawyers. >> actresses and actors are bizarre by nature. look at ted when he's on the show. the important thing is it interfering with his ability to perform, write and perform
10:34 pm
that script. i'm with ted. they knew i had a drug problem when he started because he was in a rehab clinic when they started the show. how can they claim now he has a drug problem. >> greta: is there a moral turpitude clause in the contract, his behavior, forget whether there is a drug issue, whatever, grabbing these incredible headlines and bizarre behavior is that enough for warners brothers or is that enough for him to win? >> it is rooted in the particular contract language that exists between warners brothers and mr. sheen. i think warners brothers has winnable arguments. they have a number of arguments. one of their arguments, this goes to what you just said greta, they are accusing him, they believe they have a reasonable and good faith belief he's engaged in felonious conduct. in other words, furnishing i could cane to others. and he don't have to prove that he was convicted of it.
10:35 pm
they are saying that conduct interferes with his ability to do the job. also that he's had a material change in his appearance. that he has missed certain rehearsals. he has been late to others. he's missed being on his mark. he made derogatory statements about the executive producer mr. lorre he has called him a manage , earth world, -- earth worm a turd. this would interfere with the ability to creatively go on with the show when he's criticized the executive producers. >> greta: i have a hard time watching this tape. i like to -- i don't like to watch someone self-destruct. he raises important legal issues, he's a huge star. maybe somebody out there who has a drug or alcohol problem would be inspired to go do something about it. i have a hard time watching this.
10:36 pm
>> i've had a hard time watching. it has been all over the television. the thing that we are watching here is a man self-destructing before our faces that's a sad commentary. i must take on something that gloria said. she said the contract he had with the studio, he cursed and he said certain things about members of the cast et cetera. the problem with that is, they were still willing to take charlie sheen back into the fold. >> greta: he's making them a fortune. >> money talks and the other stuff walks. >> all that human devastation we watch it unfold. he's a good actor not as good as his father. the point being, everybody thinks charlie sheen needs rehabilitation. the only one who doesn't is charlie. ted knows with a junkie he hasn't reached bottom yet. >> i hope he doesn't die. >> greta: weren't his children taken from him recently? >> greta, in fact what happened was that the mother
10:37 pm
of the children brooke mueller went to court, gave a declaration in support of a temporary restraining order saying he had made threats against her, acts of violence against her and therefore he should not be able to see the children or even contact them or know their location or see her and the court did issue a temporary restraining order which will last until march 22nd, unless he's able to get it modified before that right now he does not even have visitation with his children. >> greta: i wonder what kind of bath warner brothers will take on this? they've probably been up to their eyeballs in knowing things were going on, i don't know. this certainly is a pr -- >> they thought and hoped that charlie sheen would come around. he has not come around. unfortunately, they have to move on. what will perhaps happen if
10:38 pm
counter sue. >> they are going to take a hit on him being off the show because people love him and a hit defending a lawsuit. he will go to war with them and he has the money to do it. >> they have the money to do it as well. this case will go to arbitration. it will not go before a jury because there's an arbitration clause. [ unintelligible ] >> he made a specific campaign promise and repeated the same promise after becoming president. he said gitmo had to go. >> i want america once again to be a beacon of fry dom, where everybody says, america -- of freedom, where everybody says america, that flag represents rule of law and due process that's why we are going to close guantanamo. we should lied by setting a higher of example of civil liberties and civil rights and due process, which is why we
10:39 pm
should close guantanamo across america i have met patriots who love their country. but are embarrassed about abu ghraib and embarrassed about guantanamo. >> greta: well now things have changed, big time. yesterday the president sign add executive order that could keep prisoners at gitmo for an indefinite amount of time. why the gitmo promise reversal? go to and answer this poll question. what did president obama break his promise on gitmo? a, circumstances changes. b, he was inexperienced and promising recklessly. or c, he will close gitmo later. vote in our online poll. >> here's what is coming up on the o'reilly fact for. >> now the far left sis radical conservatives are more dangerous than muslim jihadists. president obama reverses himself on guantanamo bay,
10:40 pm
karl rove on that, coming up. >> greta: leave it to rush limbaugh, i sis there's a bizarre connection between president obama and charlie sheen. what could he be talking about? rush tells you minutes from now. >> a new idea, one state comes up with an idea to kick the health care law to the curb. what is the idea? is it your state? we'll tell what is going on, next. what was i thinking? t i was stilskating on thin ice with my cholesterol. anyone with high cholesterol may be at increased risk of heart attack. diet and exercise weren't enough for me. i stopped kidding myself. i've been eating healthier, exercising more and now i'm also taking lipitor. if you've been kidding yourself about high cholesterol, stop. lipitor is a cholesterol-lowerinmedication, fdapproved to reduce the risk of heart attack and soke in patients who have heart disease or risk facts for heart disease. lipit is backed by over 18 years of research. [ female announcer ] lipitor is not for everyo,
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>> greta: there's much more ahead but first to our new york newsroom. >> reporter: libyan leader qadhafi appearing on state tv a short time ago. he says, misguided and mad groups are behind the unrest in libya. reports show his comments appear to be pre-recorded and his government today using rocket barrages and airstrikes to slow rebel forces to advance on the city of tripoli. u.s. is considering the establishment of a no-fly zone to end those airstrikes. >> discovery is spending its final hours in space. discovery is scheduled to touchdown at the kennedy space center in florida late tomorrow morning. the most traveled spacecraft in history ending its 39th mission. discovery will be retired to the smithsonian. two more flights are planned before nasa ends the 30-year-old shuttle program. we now return to on the record with greta. i'm ainsley earhart, thanks for watching.
10:45 pm
>> greta: is there a loophole in the new health care law? maybe if you live in tennessee. the state's health freedom act is heading to the governor's desk. it says every tennessee resident is tree to or decline services without penalty or -- is free to accept or decline services without penalty or punishment. your bill does this mean you don't have to do that federal mandate is that what your law says? >> that's correct. it states that we have a choice to embrace government health care or to not. it is protected by the state of tennessee government. so the federal government cannot tick date their will to news tennessee. >> greta: how are you going to get around the fact that federal law trumps state law? >> well, our founding fathers founded our nation on a principle of dual sovereignty.
10:46 pm
meaning our states are equal partners with the federal government. so, it is simply says we're exercising our constitutional right and so that it can protect the citizens of tennessee from being forced into a federal requirement that is unconstitutional. >> greta: it sounds like what is going on in virginia. virginia has a specific statute saying you don't have to buy the man day. >> they went to court to seek a declaration that the health care law was unconstitutional and the judge held the mandate portion was unconstitutional is that the route you are intending to pursue? >> that's correct greta it surely is. again, i can't speak for, you know, what the federal government would do next to us. i know the people here in tennessee are simply making a statement that, you know, we
10:47 pm
want to handle our health care and have the freedom to do that. so just leave us alone. >> greta: why -- tennessee is not in the florida multi-state litigation. you have a republican governor and democratic attorney general. is that why you are not part of the florida litigation or is there another reason? >> i really don't know what is coming next. we just passed this legislation yesterday. i do know that we have an overwhelmingly elected governor who is strong on his conservative principles. i really don't see any indication where this legislation would not, you know go into law. i'm just excited that the people of tennessee have spoken. they've made their case. and they do not want government interfering and mandating, making them buy something they don't wish to
10:48 pm
buy. >> greta: did any department s -- did any democrats go along or was this down party lines? >> we did have some across the aisle democrats vote on this. we sure did. i think there was four of them actually. >> greta: i expect -- does the governor intend to sign this? >> there's no indication that he's not going to. i folk with him today and he -- i spoke with him today. he just wants to read it over. believe he will sign it. >> greta: it will be interesting to watch. see was in all these states. we look forward when is decided by the u.s. supreme court one way or the other. representative, thank you. >> thank you for having me, good night. >> greta: straight ahead, the best of the rest. what do president obama and charlie sheen have in common? think hard. rush limbaugh says he knows and he's going to tell you,
10:49 pm
rush is next. >> remember sergeant drew petersen, charged with murdering wife number three found dead if a bathtub and implicated in the disappearance of wife number four. he's getting good news tonight. we'll tell what it is, stay tuned. [ rattling ] [ gasps ] [ rattling ] [ laughing ] [ announcer ] close enough just isn't good enough. - if your car is in an accident, - [ laughing continu ] make sure it's repaired with the right replacement parts. take the scary out of life with travelers. call or click now for an agent or quote. but these days you need more than the book. you need website develoent, 1-on-1 marketing advice, search-engine marketing, and direct mail.
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>> greta: here's the best of the rest. rush limbaugh says president obama and charlie sheen have one thing in common. a favorite catchphrase. >> barack obama winning the future with higher gas prices. winning the future, that's his slogan, winning the future with higher gas prices. winning the future with higher health insurance premiums. winning the future with higher budget deficits. winning the future with more public sector unions. winning the future with fewer private sector jobs itch winning the future by ignoring federal court rulings. of course nonstop smears against anybody who objects to this agenda. here we have the audacity of barack obama saying he's win -- he's win being the future. it is mind boggling.
10:54 pm
barack obama charlie sheen are giving winning a bad name. i mean sheen's out there saying he's winning too. sheen says he's win being the future. so does obama. >> greta: everybody is talking sheen, even rush limbaugh. >> good news for drew petersen. he's the proud father of a high school valedictorian. tommy peterson is grad waying at the top of his class. you probably remember drew peterson the former police sergeant from bollingbrook accused of killing his third wife, tommy's mother. he's implicated in the disappearance of his fourth wife stacey peterson. he's in jail awaiting trial. he's on a 20 million dollar bond with all of this going on in tommy's life he still managed to make his studies a prioritiy. congratulations to tommy. >> you will never catch this man, not on the water. a water skier from mexico set
10:55 pm
the new world record for barefoot water skiing. he reached 153 miles per hour. how did he go that fast? a helicopter was him. 18 miles per hour faster than the previous record that previous record was set in 1989 by an american water skier. why did he do it? the barefoot ski irsay he just wanted something positive for -- skier said he just wanted something positive for the mexican tourist destination. there you have the best of the rest. copd makes it hard to breathe so i wasn't playing much of a role in my own life. but with advair, i'm breathing better.
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